Things you need to know when styling your hair

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Styling your hair can be a traumatizing experience if you have little to no skills in the domain or if you haven’t done some research beforehand. The first thing you should look at is your routine. If it is possible, try to dry your hair naturally, although this might prove to be impossible during cold seasons as the last thing you might want to do is catch pneumonia.

If you do need to use a blow dryer, my personal advice would be to use a towel to dry your hair as best as possible before doing so. Don’t overdo it with the brushing, and before you start styling your hair, be sure to brush your hair from the bottom up. This practice will help you minimize breakage.


Two of the most commonly used products you may be tempted to use when styling your hair are hair crimpers and flat irons. Since both of these devices manage to do their job thanks to high heat, it would be a good idea if you tried them out in the beginning, just to make sure you won’t burn your locks. If you have fine hair, it is recommended that you start with the lowest possible setting and try out some higher temperatures if you notice that your hair can take it.

Above all, I suggest you take the time to read the manual and instructions provided by the manufacturing brand. Whether you’re going to use some conditioner, styler, or any other product of this kind, or you’re going to buy a device such as the two I’ve mentioned above, the fact is that referring to the advice offered by the manufacturing company is the best way to go about things.

Besides, when prospecting the market for products intended for styling your hair, you may have to take some time to read reviews and go through several dozens consumer reports. Other people can tell you what they have experienced when using a certain hair crimper, and you can learn a lot from their experience. You can find out whether or not the device poses a risk to the health of your locks or if you can use it conveniently and safely.

As a rule a thumb, you might be better off with devices that boast ceramic components. These are those that come in contact with your hair. It has been shown that ceramic and tourmaline are far safer to use compared to other materials, and that’s because they won’t damage your follicle. Pick a model that comes with a broad array of temperature settings, whether you have thicker or finer hair. This particular feature will allow you to benefit from a certain degree of freedom in that you will be able to choose just the right temperature for your type of hair.

10 tips for saving money

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Over the years, I’ve become more and more interested in the topic of saving money for my family and me, as well. We don’t live on coupons, but I still think there’s room for living frugally here and there. I’ve decided to make a list of the top ten tips and tricks I have used over time. So, if you’re trying to save for a new car or just a new gadget, it would be a good idea if you took the time to browse through the following pieces of advice.

  1. Wait thirty days to buy something you want

I’ve used this rule in the past, and I have to say that, by the time thirty days have gone, you might as well have come to the conclusion that you don’t need one thing or the other. I have a friend who’s obsessed with buying electronics and new gadgets, whether that means a new iPhone or an iWatch. As you can imagine, this is an expensive hobby. I usually wait for these things to become cheaper and only then do I buy them.

  1. Make a list whenever you go shopping

There’s a saying that goes something in the lines of “you shouldn’t go shopping when you’re hungry.” If you don’t have a list to stick to, you’ll end up buying loads and loads of useful items, many of which can be unhealthy snacks.

  1. Host parties instead of going out

We all know that cocktails can cost a pretty penny, but what if you were to make them at home, for you and your friends? You can enjoy yourselves in front of the TV, by playing cards, or just having a sip of wine next to the fireplace. Or just organize a barbecue in your backyard.

  1. Don’t spend a lot of money on kids’ clothes

Of course, children deserve all the best, but the fact of the matter is that they outgrow their clothes rather quickly. Make a budget and get only the clothes that your little one actually wants. Once he or she has outgrown them, don’t hesitate to sell them unless you find that they have some sentimental value.

  1. Quit smoking

I used to be an occasional smoker, but I decided to quit when my husband and I started trying for a family. It was quite a surprise to understand that those things, besides killing me, actually cost a lot of money.

  1. Turn off the lights

I went on a trip to Birmingham, United Kingdom, once, and was shocked by how my host used to leave the lights on in all of the rooms in her home. She came into the kitchen one evening, and I was having a conversation with a friend, and she told me that I shouldn’t sit in the dark. However, it was only around 6 pm, so I didn’t feel the need to turn on the lights. Not only can you save yourself some pennies, but you can be a true friend to the environment.

  1. Sell the things you don’t need any more

In my opinion, too many people become attached to physical things. You know how some say that you can’t take your money with you when you die? I live by that rule. Once I get bored with something, I organize a yard sale and get rid of all the things that might clutter my life and living space.

  1. Try generic brands

Handwash is handwash regardless of whether it’s made by a well-known brand or not. I’ve often been surprised by the quality of some budget-friendly products simply because I had decided to give them a try.

  1. Reuse your leftovers

I know a lot of creative ways to jazz your leftovers. Have some leftover pasta from last night? Why not make a pasta salad? If you like rice, you can make a whole batch and eat a variety of salads, stir fry, and curries all throughout the week. Buy a whole chicken, roast it, and make sandwiches from it for work and school.

  1. Invest in a good-quality freezer

Frozen goods are far cheaper than fresh ones, and everyone knows that buying in bulk means saving money. Even if you’ve cooked too much food and you can’t possibly envisage finishing it, that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Freeze it for some other time.