Read this before getting a pet turtle

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Did you know that turtles can live up to 20 years? That means you will engage in an essential commitment once you decide to get a pet turtle. Make sure that you understand what caring for one means, to avoid unwanted complications.

Choose the proper environment for raising your turtle

A terrarium would be a good option for your turtle, but different variations may be required, as there are over 270 species of turtles on the face of the planet. The idea is that your turtle should be kept in an enclosure that allows it enough room to explore at leisure.

Another thing to remember is that turtles like a combination of water and land. While great swimmers and water lovers, they like spending time on a small patch of land just the same. One of the most significant challenges for ensuring the proper environment for turtles is to keep their water clean.

That is why a proper filtration system is essential for your turtle’s terrarium. Choose wisely and see what would work best. A canister filter for turtle tank is an excellent option, and it will help you keep the water in the turtle’s environment clean all the time.


Taking care of the turtle’s diet

One thing you should bear in mind is that, in the wild, turtles do not feed every day. The whole point of caring properly for your turtle is to mimic the same conditions as in a natural environment so your pet can thrive and live happily by your side.

That being said, you can feed your turtle only 4 or 5 days a week without fearing that you might have it starve. However, if you just purchased a baby turtle, these must be fed every day so they can grow strong, just like their parents.

What diet should you feed your turtle? Most breeds are fond of eating insects, small fish, and they are quite crazy about leafy greens. Of course, you can count on pet store food explicitly designed for turtles, and they will love it just the same. A little bit of calcium will not hurt, so make sure to add a bit of it at least twice a year in the turtle’s food.

Common health problems

The most critical issues you should know about are related to lack of hygiene. Bacteria named salmonella can develop when the terrarium is dirty, and the water is not filtered correctly. That is why it is essential to maintain your pet’s environment clean all the time.

These bacteria can be transmitted to humans, and they are responsible for severe health problems. Getting a bit of conditioner for the water to stop the bacteria from developing is a good idea.

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